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Wes Watson.

WT550 / D410T / D210T


Wes Watson - Glorious Bass

"We're on a mission. A mission for God." So says Wes Watson, cofounder of StrangeLand, a Christian Metal band out of Illinois. Think "Metallica finds religion."

Wes has been playing bass guitar for over 17 years, gaining experience in numerous rock bands in the Peoria, IL, area. In 2000, he cofounded StrangeLand after making the decision to combine his musical career with his religious beliefs. "I believe that my musical talent is a gift from God," says Watson, "so it was a natural progression to use my music to spread the word."

In the past year, StrangeLand has been gaining popularity, both in the US and internationally. Their demo CD (see their website for purchasing info) has been in heavy rotation on several Christian radio stations and the band has been featured in magazines around the world. The band is currently working on it's first full-length release.

In addition to his work with the band, Wes also performs as a member of the "house band" The Rock Church, a contemporary church on Peoria's Riverfront, as well as his side project, Jeremiah's Journey, with whom he's been touring, opening shows for Christian artist Jeff Deyo. Other projects include Hicktown, a "party band," as Wes puts it, and Derek Childs, with whom is currently recording a CD.

Wes has been playing Eden gear since 2004, after trying many other brands. "I've had all the usual suspects, and then some," he says. "Eden has the best sound out there, period. Plus, my bandmates have threatened to fire me if I get rid of my Eden rig!"

Currently using our WT550 to power D210T and D410T cabinets, Wes says he loves the fact that there's "no messing with dials, no twisting and turning to overcorrect; just plug in, hit a note, and you're good to go."

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